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PH Band Radial Closure System

Addressing radial closure complications and workflow

The PH Band Radial Closure System is the result of years of detailed research for a better solution to radial artery occlusions.


It is designed to simplify radial artery procedures and ensure that radial artery patency is achieved and maintained through discharge.

This approach differs from other radial artery closure devices that apply a standard amount of pressure and require frequent, manual adjustments. These devices are labor intensive to manage during recovery in an attempt to achieve patent hemostasis.

Patent hemostasis starts the healing process immediately

Large Coiled PHB 2.png

Easy alignment of the Doppler unit

with the radial artery

to detect antegrade flow

Dual band design minimizes

manual intervention during recovery

PH Band System streamlines

post procedure workflow

Watch how easy and effective the PH Band System works

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